Kardashians' Empire

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Do you really think that kimye was just a business scam like they are saying in the magazine? I think it is so fake

To be honest, I really hoped Kim and Kanye would have been together in the end, since when I saw them in an episode of KUWTK.  

Medias are disgusting, when they turn people into “monsters” for money.

I really think Kim and Kanye Love each other unconditionally. Maybe they just want to keep it calm? I mean, they’re one of the richest and most famous family in the world! They don’t need to prove anything to anyone. 

That’s why I read magazines but I don’t believe them every time. 

So, I answer your question: No, I don’t think Kimye was/is just a business scam, because their couple and their love is real! :) xo